Celebrating 7 years at the Richard Walsh School for the Blind


Friends of India is proud to celebrate 7 years of bringing the gift of music to blind and partially-sighted young orphans.music1

On their recent trip to India, FOI President Pam Walsh and Treasurer Ted Talbot attended the 7th Annual Day Celebration at the Richard Walsh School for the Blind and were delighted to learn that for certain grades, music is now part of the standard curriculum. This means that hundreds of children are now being liberated from the prison of blindness to discover, experience and explore the universal world of music.

Music3Some years ago the Richard Walsh Scholarship Fund was set up with the idea of paying for a student to go on to higher musical learning. The children were still too young at that time, and so the fund has been accumulating, but this year we were told that two students had achieved ‘musical excellence’ and were asked if we would pay for instruments for them.

We were therefore thrilled to present students Jeykumar and Prakash with a drum set and electronic drum pads respectively. Thank you to our faithful donors!


Another NGO has built a hostel block for the girls at the school, with a paved area in front. This provided a lovely setting for a wonderful evening concert of music, singing and dancing. Their confidence when they play, dance and sing is amazing.

We are also delighted to report that the music school continues to be self-supporting, thanks to their animal farming activities. The Richard Walsh Music School for the Blind really does bring us both pride and joy!

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