Chennai/South India floods – disaster relief still needed


Please help us to provide ‘Life Starter Kits’ to households who have suffered in the recent devastating floods. These kits will be sourced and distributed by our long-term partner in south India, the SUEB (Society for the Upliftment of the Economically Backward).Chennai flood

Although the floods are now receding, the initial response to the disaster is over and relief camps are now being closed, many people have no home to return to. With no shelter, they are forced to sleep on the wet ground. Many have no clothes, cooking items or food. They are still in a state of shock and tears, not knowing where the next meal will come from. Although schools are now reopening, many students have lost all their books.Chennai flood 3

CHF 175 will provide a complete Life Starter Kit for one household, and will include:

Household items: a stove with fuel, cooking pots, plates, cups, water and storage containers

Food for one month: rice, wheat, cereals, pulses, edible oil, masala

Clothes and blankets: a set of clothes for each family member, blankets, mats and pillows

Hygienic products: soaps, detergents and cleaning materials, antiseptics, skin ointments, typhoid vaccines, and mosquito eradication products

Other – electric bulbs, portable lamps with back up batteries, packing, transportation, distribution, monitoring and evaluation

An example of what can be provided with smaller donations:

CHF 3 – a dried grass mat, a woman’s sari or a man’s lungi

CHF 4 – a blanket

CHF 6.50 – a kerosene stove

CHF 16.50 – a 25kg bag of rice or basic cooking pots

The North West Monsoon has brought record rainfall to Tamil Nadu and has caused havoc in the city of Chennai, where three of its rivers have overflowed. The official estimate of deaths is 400, but rescue workers have reported hundreds more missing.

Homes and belongings have been washed away. And with factories, companies and small shops also submerged under water, many workers have lost their jobs. It is estimated that 1,500,000 households have been affected, mostly amongst the very poor.Chennai flood 2

These ‘life starter kits’  will help those affected to get back on their feet again. They contain basic household supplies and food for a month. The aim is also to help prevent the dangerous spread of diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis, malaria and cholera.

We will ensure your donation goes directly to where it is needed.


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