February 2015 – Final report from Pam and Ted’s trip to India!


As Friends of India President Pam Walsh and Treasurer Ted Talbot near the end of their visit to South India, Ted has sent us his final report:

Saturday 21st – Tirunelveli

“It doesn’t seem possible that this afternoon we said a tearful goodbye to our hosts, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart – Brothers Victordass, Rajan, Ravi and many others. Goodbye to the teachers and pupils of the BCV International School, to Brother James and the children of the Friendship Home. Diana flew back to Geneva, and Pam and Ted headed for a few days’ rest.

Pam at the BCV International School

Pam at the BCV International School

“The past few days have been frenetic:

“At the BCV International School, a press conference, an open meeting for prospective school enrolments and parents; interviews with parents interested in enrolling their kids, interviewing prospective teachers and a session with a marketing group to help us get those 150 bums on seats!!

At the Eden Home

At the Eden Home

“On the lighter side (wait for the pun) Ted and Advitya visited the Eden Home where there are 15 happy girls and income is being earned by creating decorative strings of coloured lights (pun)!

'Annie Mobile' at the Friendship Home

‘Annie Mobile’ at the Friendship Home

“Finally, at the Friendship Home this morning we had a lot of fun delivering the ‘kid mover’ donated by Ecole Moser with some help from another donor and fondly called the ‘Annie Mobile’.”


Pam, Diana and Ted even made into the New Indian Express paper, with their seminar on Child-Centred Learning…

New Indian Express, 21st February 2015

New Indian Express, 21st February 2015

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