February 2015 – Ted reports direct from Tirunelveli…


Pam Walsh and Ted Talbot have now travelled down to Tirunelveli, further south in Tamil Nadu, to visit the BCV International SchoolIn Ted’s words:

IMG_0180” How does the song go? ‘What a difference a day makes’. In this case it is what IMG_0185a difference 8 months makes! The school is finished with a magnificent glassed entrance, long shining marbled corridors and classroom walls full of the children’s work. There is still a lot to achieve before June, however, when 150 students should be enrolled. 4 classrooms and a computer lab still to furnish – the computers are there thanks to Firmenich India and we met the supplier and chose classroom and computer lab furniture, library cupboards and tables.

“Outside the weather has caused work to be held up for a couple of months and so there is still a driveway to build and playground and sports areas to create. We are meeting the architect on Tuesday to try and agree on a phased plan of implementation.

IMG_0165“The kids are just so enthusiastic and we were amazed at the level of English of the 4 to 7 year olds after starting from zero only 5 months ago. Well done to the teaching staff.

“Today we bought a TukTuk – well, a king sized TukTuk called a Tata Magic – a lightweight people carrier that will hold 15 children! An enormous thank you to Ecole Moser Geneva for funding most of this.

IMG_2235IMG_1700“Finally, after inspecting the Firmenich-supplied computers, we visited the building that we hope to convert to a hostel for 100 dalit children that live too far away to be able to attend the BCV school.”

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