Pam and team visit the BCV International School in Tirunelveli

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Friends of India President Pam Walsh is currently in India, leading a team to evaluate the work that Friends of India is supporting in Tamil Nadu.

At the BCV International School, Pam gets a warm welcome as she arrives on the first day of the visit.

5 year old Subasri is one of the dalit children who gets a scholarship to the BCV School. One of the main objectives of the school is to provide first-class education for dalit children – the lowest caste in India. Subasri’s parents cannot read or write and live on just 300 rupees a day (4 Swiss Francs). Going to school can break a vicious cycle of poverty.

At the BCV International School, the children put on a stunning display of dance and drama, at their end-of-year concert.  The youngest pre-kindergarten children to the oldest 7th graders showed off their English language skills for the audience of parents, friends and guests from Switzerland.









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  1. what’s the activity of BCV International School in Tirunelveli?

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