Jan Powell visits the Chris Powell Training Centre for Women and Girls


In Madurai, South India, the Friends of India team has visited a training centre for women and girls named after long time supporter of Friends of India, Chris Powell. It was an emotional moment for Chris’s widow, Jan, who visited the Centre for the first time.  She handed out certificates to six women who had completed the three-month training course in tailoring. Most of the women are illiterate and job prospects are extremely limited for them. After completing the course, they are able to earn two or three hundred rupees a day making clothes.

Prevathi (below) has just completed a three-month course in tailoring at the Chris Powell Training Centre.  She has two children and her husband makes a living chanting mantras at marriages and funerals.  But his earnings are irregular and they live on 4-5,000 rupees a month (60-80 CHF). With her new skills, Prevathi will be able to supplement the family income.


  1. Jan Powell. Are you the same Jan who used to ride horses with Stephanie Berridge?
    Don’t know whether you remember us? Rick and Audrey Squires and John and Jean Dedman?

  2. I have sent an email – I am afraid it has taken a while as I have been away on jaunts to Palma, Majorca, and to Cardiff on various family events and birthday celebrations! It would be great to hear from you- maybe we can get together on one of my UK visits? Jan

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