Scholarship Fund Success – a big thank you to our donors!


793DFB82-5491-44CC-ADDC-681AC32BFD28Following our recent Scholarship Fund appeal, we are thrilled to be able to award scholarships to 33 underprivileged children for them to attend the new BCV International School in Tirunelveli this year 2015/2016.

The new school year began on 1st June with 130 children now enrolled at the school. The 33 scholarship children are studying alongside paying pupils, receiving a high quality education that otherwise they would have no access to.

IMG_0557The scholarships have been awarded to bright and gifted children who have been assessed for their ability to learn, and where the annual family income is less than Rs 1 Lakh (CHF 1,500). Their parents are mainly coolies – unskilled daily wage labourers. They are all from the lowest castes – officially defined as the ‘socially and educationally backward classes’.

These scholarships will provide a real opportunity for these underprivileged children to fulfil their potential and lift themselves out of poverty.


IMG_0413We still welcome further donations to this Scholarship Fund for the coming years – CHF 500 will cover all costs for one child for one school year.

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